Grama's Old Fashioned Laundry Soap Powder

Grama's Old Fashioned Laundry Soap Powder is made using the chunky bars of soap by the same name. The soap is made, cured, ground and dried three times until a fine powder is achieved. The powder is then mixed with borax and washing soda to create this fantastic product I know my Grandmother would be proud to call her own. This has no bleach in it but it makes whites so white and bright and the light breezy fragrance is so fresh and clean. And the best only takes 1-2 tablespoons per load! This is a low sudsing laundry powder so it's safe for HE washers, it's all natural and environmentally friendly!
What could be better than that?
And, yes, that is my Grandmother's picture on the package.
Grama's Laundry Soap Powder
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    Made with sodium tetraborate, sodium carbonate, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, water, fragrance.
    This listing is for a 1 pound package of Grama's Old Fashioned Laundry Powder. Product is packaged in a windowed poly lined kraft bag with a zip top. Three pound package also available from the dropdown menu.