Lace Agate

Lace Agate


My background is actually in geology and part of my college study was gem cutting. One of my favorite stones is Crazy Lace Agate. Its swirls and bands of color and crystals inspired the design of this soap. Each bar is unique in the pattern and color combination, just as nature would create. The fragrance of this soap is something I can't get enough of! It's an indescribable blend of light musk, orange, lemon balm, kaffir lime leaves and vanilla. And I'm convinced, it's that legendary fragrance called Spanish Fly! It's that good!!

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    Made with olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide, safflower oil, castor oil, aloe vera juice, coconut water, fragrance, sodium lactate, titanium dioxide, mica, iron oxide, tin oxide.

    This listing is for one bar weighing 3 oz./85 g. Each bar is wrapped in cello and includes a complete ingredient list.