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Shanghai Powder, Box & Puff

        Remember when you were little and your Mom dusted you all over with baby powder? Probably not. But maybe you remember how your Grandmother always smelled of roses or lilacs after her bath? Back then, dusting powder was very popular. It made your skin feel soft and fresh long after your bath. It absorbed moisture and provided a little protection from chafing and it just smelled nice.

        Most likely, the powder contained talc, a natural mineral used in cosmetics to decrease friction and improve product feel. Talc often occurs in combination with a known carcinogen, asbestos.

     Studies have shown that infants inhaling talc-containing powder showed increased respiratory distress. And the FDA has shown that the use of talc containing asbestos has been linked to breast cancer, endometrial and ovarian cancer, mesothelioma and other respiratory problems.

     In short...Don't use products containing talc!!

        Well, I  L_O_V_E that smooth, fresh feel of powdered skin after a shower.  So...I formulated a fabulous Dusting Powder with all the great feel of my Grandmas powder but with NO harmful ingredients. It leaves a light, soft sexy scent on your skin that lingers long after perfume fades. I also make the fancy dresser top boxes and powder puffs to use with my dusting powder.

I can make it in almost any fragrance and color/pattern you choose. Until you've tried it, you have no idea how good it feels! And my Baby Powder uses the same basic formula!

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