Fun Stuff You Should Know

     Did you know...our soaps are made by the cold process method. We mix melted butters and oils with a lye solution to create soap. The soaps are safe to use after about 24 hours but they are not at their best until they have aged for 4-6 weeks. This cure time allows moisture to evaporate, creating a harder bar that will last longer, produce a better lather and be more gentle on the skin.

     By adding things like goats milk, aloe vera, coconut milk, silk and many other luxury additives we make the soap even better!

     Fragrance and color put the final touches on our luxurious soaps.       We use essential oils as well as fragrance oils. Some fragrance oils contain vanilla. Unfortunately, over time, vanilla can turn soap brown. Even though it may be brown, it is still perfectly good soap!

     The longer you store soap the harder it gets and the longer it will last in the shower. So, even if you find "old soap" in your cupboard, it may discolor or lose some of its fragrance, but it's still great soap! 

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